“Summery" is without a doubt the best way to describe fresh-faced DJ & producer Paige. In the few short years since his inception, Paige has delivered a list of sensational releases, debuting with a deep tropical remake of Land Down Under on Spinnin Records, a near-instant crossover hit with 11 million streams and counting.


Unbound by genres, his artistic evolution has blossomed into a refreshing approach to dance music, defined by laidback vocals and flowing deep bass lines. Tracks that are equally as chill and airy as they are upbeat and playful. Paige describes his sound as Sunset House, combining breezy guitar riffs with warm bouncy melodies. These are the dynamic and bright elements which quickly secured a multi-single deal with Armada Music. His latest single, Beating Hearts, became a modest hit amongst sunset chasers and party goers alike, gaining over 2 million streams to date.


Determined to elevate his creative journey in 2019, Paige launched an independent label imprint, For Love, which brought about numerous sun-kissed releases, rippling through Spotify playlists and ultimately expanding his horizon into indie dance. This Summer, he will release a sequence of feel-good remixes for pop artists on massive record labels RCA, Def Jam and Island, to name a few. Actively channeling fresh sounds, along with a touring schedule that is heating up, Paige’s next wave of success is in the air… and 2019 is shaping up to be his biggest year yet.